Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Supervision Group 

From Conceptual Understanding to Fluid Practice

The Acceptance and Commitment Therapy supervision group is a great way to enhance your ability to practice ACT with your clients. 

This 10 week group will guide you through the theoretical underpinnings of ACT, exploring case conceptualisation from an ACT perspective, and applying key ACT techniques and tools in practice.

No prior knowledge of ACT is needed as this group is intended for anyone who is new to ACT or has only moderate experience using it.

Focus Areas:

· Therapeutic stance of an ACT therapist in the room

· Reconceptualizing how we conceptualize suffering and psychopathology - examining the 'Protocols for Syndromes' approach  

· Becoming deeply acquainted with each of the 6-core processes

· Learning experiential exercises for each of the processes

· How to do ACT flexibly and fluidly (without needing to follow a stencil or manual)

Group Facilitator: Ric Collen

Image by Avel Chuklanov

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