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Attachment-Based Case Formulation & Intervention CPD Course

Pre Recorded Workshop

Attachment Across the Lifespan

This pre recorded Attachment-Based workshop covers essential theoretical concepts of Attachment Theory and Practice for working across the lifespan.

This workshop is provided live and online. It is aimed at helping professionals (psychologists, social workers, allied health professionals, teachers) to form a deeper and more accurate understanding of their clients by looking at the function of behaviour (not just the symptoms!).

Aspects of discourse analysis and an attachment-based interviewing framework add to the rich learning experience of this introductory online training.

For a deeper understanding of what you will gain from this CPD course, please view the video below

Beyond labels

We are practicing in a time where teaching therapists to understand the developmental history and function of their client's behaviours is being replaced by an approach where we simply label symptoms, provide diagnoses, and apply a set combination of interventions.

Treating the client, is being equated to treating the disorder and it is currently being argued that this is leading to an unfortunate and ineffective model of psychology which hinders our professional growth and dampens the full therapeutic benefits of psychological therapy.  

This training is aimed at developing this fundamental knowledge in practitioners by advocating for a relational, theoretically grounded, and evidence-based understanding of client dysfunction as essential to enhance assessment accuracy and effective, lasting, therapeutic interventions.  

THe low down

CPD Hours:  12

Cost: $199

Course Access: Online on-demand

Access Duration: 2 Months


J Heller-Bhatt Portrait.jpg

About Jess

Jessica Heller-Bhatt, Registered Psychologist and student of Clinical Psychology, has trained in the Dynamic Maturational Model of Attachment & Adaptation (DMM) with Dr Patricia Crittenden. She continues to be involved in ongoing training of the DMM’s developmental assessments of attachment across various age groups.

In addition to her advanced qualifications in trauma-specific interventions and her experience with individuals and families struggling with substance dependence, as a Child Protection Psychologist Jessica now specialises in assessments of dyads and parents, who endanger their children. She advocates for a relational, theoretically grounded and evidence- based understanding of client dysfunction as essential to enhanced assessment accuracy and effective, lasting therapeutic interventions.

Trainin VIdeo

Introductory Video

Interview with Jessica Heller-Bhatt

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