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Christian-Centered Counselling

The Philosophy behind the Harvest Clinic is cantered on a search for an approach to mental health that goes beyond symptom management. 

Over the years our Psychologist Ric has gravitated towards and collected a range of resources, theories, concepts and practices that he believes best answer the question that psychology as a profession should be primarily addressing. That is, more than simply how to feel better, how to live full, free, and purpose directed lives.

Walking in the Christian Faith, Ric has intentionally explored the many fundamental biblical principles that underlie certain evidence-based psychological models that remain prominent in the profession today. Many of these methods have already been connected to Christianity in resources such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Pastors as well as Gottman's Couples Therapy - The Biblical Reference Guide. 

Ric, along with a number of other therapists at the Harvest Clinic, are open to providing psychological therapy from a Christian light that is informed by the teachings of the Bible alongside being grounded in evidence-based psychological practice, should this be of interest to you. 

While our Psychology team includes some therapists who have a Christian faith, we are intentional to avoid any spiritual imposition within our team or towards our clients. We are instead grounded in the primary values of acceptance, non-judgement, respect and service to all as fundamental to our work. Christian Counselling is made available to any who seek this approach. We invite you to advise if us this is something you desire when submitting your inquiry.