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Telehealth Psychology Clinic

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What sets us apart?

Unlike the many larger online therapy consultations services with hundreds of therapists, The Harvest Clinic have intentionally kept to a smaller number of practitioners who are hand-picked based on skill, experience , and character. 


The Harvest Clinic was built on a model to establish clinical excellence in the telehealth arena. While the members of our team are trained in varying models of therapy, we are united in our fundamental approach to mental health. 

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What's Our Approach?

 Our team are dedicated to offering more than just temporary solutions or quick fixes. Our approach is built upon  the philosophy that if you want to improve the fruit of your life, the work must begin at the roots. 

Your mental health deserves more than momentary relief – it deserves the depth, resilience, and longevity that can only come from treating the cause, rather than the symptom.


We invite you to connect with us and take a step to leading a full and meaningful life, even amidst life's twists and turns.

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Bulk Billing & Low Gap Fees

Exciting News: Bulk-Billing Psychology Services Available Again!

We're thrilled to announce that The Harvest Clinic team has expanded, and we're now able to offer bulk-billing sessions once again! 


We continue to offer low-gap fee sessions with our most experienced clinicians.

Connect with us today

Many people wait until things get really bad before they reach out. Let's change that trend.

Wherever you are on the journey, our team of experienced therapists are dedicated to helping you work through the challenges and difficulties you are experiencing.


With a variety of clinicians who work across the lifespan, combined with convenient and affordable appointment options, we hope to make it easier for you to get re-connected to a better life today. 

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Wheat Field

The Good Harvest

"The mind plants thoughts like scattering seeds, the ones that grow are the ones we believe.


The fruit of our lives will always be led by the roots of the seeds that have been fed

So discern the seeds that are worth your nurture, so that harvest time brings abundance in your future."

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