Consultation Services

Private Counseling

Personalized Therapeutic Care

Are you experiencing  symptoms of Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Trauma, or Addiction? Have you lost a sense of direction for your life or feel like you're existing rather than living?

Our Psychologists will do more than simply read to you from a textbook! At the Harvest Clinic, we are grounded in taking an individualized and directed approach towards moving forward and reconnecting you with what matters. 


Couples Therapy

Restoring Harmony and Connection

Are you experiencing a sense of disharmony or disconnection in your relationship? Do you feel like communication just isn't working effectively sometimes or that conversations seem to often end up in arguments or distancing from one another?

Our Couples Therapists are trained extensively in the Gottman Method of Couples Training: A scientific approach centered on developing 3 core areas that will enhance your relationship:

- Improving Communication 

- Deepening Friendship and Connection

- Discovering Meaning and Dreams


Child and Adolescent Therapy

Child & Parental Support

Child and Adolescent Mental Health is an important area and growing concern today. Children experience a wide range of challenges including anxiety, depression, emotional dysregulation and behavioral challenges which can affect the whole family.

Our team includes specialist Child & Adolescent Psychologists who are ready to provide support to your entire family. Please reach out to find out how we can help today. 


Clinical Supervision

Education & Training for Therapists

Our team includes Board Approved Clinical Supervisors who are available to provide supervision to provisional psychologists, Clinical Psychology Registrars and other registered professionals. 

Please contact us directly to inquire about receiving supervision and training in any capacity.