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Conquering Case Reports Supervision Group

For far too long have the case reports of the internship been dreaded! No longer - with this 8-week superision group!

This training is aimed at provisional psychologists (4+2 and 5+1) in the process of addressing the Psychology Board of Australia (PBA) requirement to satisfactorily complete a range of case reports.

Gain the skills on how to write a case report that will cover all the necessary requirements for AHPRA. 

The training will include:



Report focussed activities


A range of resources such as templates, reading materials, tip sheets will be provided.

Course Duration: 1 hour weekly over 8 Weeks

Facilitator: Mrs Trish Purnell-Webb (Clinical Psychologist)


Weekly Session Schedule

Session Schedule:

Session 1 – Introductions and Understanding Case Report Requirements

Session 2 – Recommended Resources and Tips for Success

Session 3 – Gathering the required client information – Assessment

Session 4 – Putting together a strong Formulation

Session 5 – Developing a differential diagnosis

Session 6 – Personalising the relevant research

Session 7 – What’s the difference – Intervention vs Assessment Case Reports

Session 8 – Finalising with your Evaluation and Personal Reflection


Available Groups

Next Group: Mondays 5pm AEST from Jan 31st 2022. Register your interest below.

Limited Places to 5 for this group. 

All attendance will count as secondary (group) supervision for the 4+2 and 5+1 Provisional Pathways.

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