Thrive : Psychology & Mental Wellbeing

 Investing time in your mental wellbeing is just as crucial for your health as eating a balanced diet and exercising.

Within this program you will work closely with your selected Psychologist to work through the psychological barriers that often prevent us from moving towards what matters most. 


A Refreshing Approach to Therapy

Our Thrive Psychology team utilize an evidence-based form of therapy known as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which is revolutionising the way we look at mental health today.

In a nutshell, ACT is about helping you identify the core things that matter most to you. We then work on practical strategies to manage the internal obstacles (such as fear, doubt and despair) that can pull you away from those things. It's about learning to remain in the driver's seat of your life even in the presence of difficult thoughts and emotions. 


What's Included

Comprehensive Initial Assessment

Meeting you where you're at.

The THRIVE program is centred on taking an individualised approach - wherever you are from suffering to thriving we want to help you move forward. Your comprehensive initial assessment will allow your psychologist to explore all areas of life important to you and identify the current obstacles that stand in the way. We hope to gain a real understanding of the things that cause you distress as well as what brings you most joy. From this foundation we will work collaboratively to build a treatment plan and move forward together.

Psychology Patient
Therapy Session

Personalized Therapeutic Plan

Understood by you. Tailored to you.

The one-size-fits-all approach still adopted by many clinicians is not what you will receive here. Rather than throwing tools and strategies at you, our focus is to give an understanding of what is going on psychologically and behaviourally in your life. We value empowering individuals with the knowledge to perceive the patterns within their lives and in turn develop a personalized plan for how to navigate these and create meaningful change.

Weekly Psychological Sessions

From Information to Transformation

There is equal importance in both understanding what is going on within us and applying that information practically in our lives to effect change. These two principles will be the focus of the 8 individual sessions with your psychologist. More than just talking about problems, these sessions are about giving you a new lens to look at your mental health, how it impacts your behaviour and how to navigate difficult seasons without being de-railed.


8-week Online Course in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

A new path for the future

As part of the Psychology component of the THRIVE program you will have full-access to the Acceptance and Commitment online training resource known as 'The Happiness Trap'. Created by Dr Russ Harris, this resource is most effectively used in conjunction with your weekly therapy sessions. The Happiness Trap is a video-based educative and practical resource all available online. Your therapist will guide you through the content of this course to ensure you receive something of value that you can take for the journey forward.


Our THRIVE Psychology Team

Mental health is a sensitive topic and you will be in good hands as all our practitioners are fully qualified and registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) as Clinical and Registered Psychologists.


Ric Collen

Clinical Psychologist

As a therapist, Ric adopts a personable and straightforward approach. He aims to provide his clients with an understanding of their internal world with the the tools to navigate moving closer to their values. Ric has spent the past 3 years as the director of psychological services at one of Australia's prominent Health Retreats and highly values a holistic perspective to mental health. Ric oversees the operation of the Harvest Clinic and aims to create a team of genuine, caring and skilled therapists.


Stephanie Hunt


Stephanie has experience helping people manage anxiety and depression, emotion regulation, self-esteem body image, and sleep disorders. She enjoys working with adolescents and young adults who are navigating challenges at work, in their relationships or in their social circles. She is passionate about working collaboratively with her clients to build resilience and a personal understanding of not only what is currently happening, but why it might be occurring and how to develop practical coping skills to move forward.


Hailey Tremain


Hailey is a psychologist who values working with young people and adults to empower meaningful change in their lives – whatever that looks like for them. She works primarily from an ACT-based framework and has a person-centred and judgement-free approach. Her professional work is built on collaboration, empowerment, respect, and valuing each person’s unique experiences.