Rural and Remote Psychology Initiative

Supporting the wider Australian Community

In anticipation of the increasing demand for Mental Health Support across Australia, we have established  an initiative to provide therapy services to the Rural and Remote communities of Australia via Telehealth. 

Many rural suburbs and towns have limited access to support however the Australian Government has made allowance for this population to access Psychology services under Telehealth (that is, skype, zoom, facetime etc.). This means that you don't need to travel long distances to get quality help from registered professionals. 

All of our Psychology sessions for the rural or remote communities will be 100% bulk-billed meaning no out of pocket costs. 

To access this initiative you only need to see your GP to get a Mental Health Care Plan which will entitle you to 10 psychology sessions. 

If you aren't sure if you qualify or have any questions, contact us for a quick chat. 


Information for Doctors

How to refer your patients to our service

Referrals for patients in rural areas for bulk-billed telehealth psychology are processed in the same manner as face-to-face referrals under the Better-Access Scheme. 

The patient will first require a Mental Health Care Plan. Once completed, there are 3 avenues to book your patient in with our service:

1. Direct referral by treating  Doctor - Send a copy of your patient’s MHCP to Your  patient will then be contacted within 2 business days to book in their first session.   
2. Client Self-referral through our Website:  Once a MHCP is provided to your patient, they can visit our website and submit a booking inquiry or email us directly at 
3. Telephone Booking: - Contact our service on 0490 048 807 to make a booking.

Please see our GP information page for more information on telehealth or contact us if you have any other inquiries.