Doctor and Patient

Information for Doctors

The Harvest Clinic offers no-gap / Bulk-Billed Psychology sessions to Medicare card holders under the Better Access Scheme which offers patients 20 individual and 10 group therapy sessions per year.

Patients require a Mental Health Care Plan to be eligible for the bulk-billed sessions. 

Our team includes Clinical and Registered Psychologists who are all Medicare Providers and currently registered with AHPRA.

All appointments are conducted via telehealth mediums such as telephone or videoconferencing tools.  


Is Telehealth Psychology Effective?

The efficacy of telehealth have been studied and research has demonstrated that directed and short-term talk-therapy models including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and the like show similar outcomes via telehealth as face-to-face sessions.

Our Psychologists are trained in these form of therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT). We therefore feel confident to provide clients the benefits of psychological therapy via telehealth mediums. 


How to refer your patients to our service:

After completing a Mental Health Care Plan for your patient there are 3 avenues to book in appointments:

1. Direct referral from yourself - Send a copy of your patient’s MHCP to Your  patient will then be contacted within 2 business days to book in their first session.   
2. Client Self-referral through our Website:  Once a MHCP is provided to your patient, they can visit our website and submit a booking inquiry or email us directly at 
3. Telephone Booking: - Contact our service on 0490 048 807 to make a booking.