Child Nutritional & Gut Health Support

As part of the GROW program you will have the opportunity to work with qualified practitioners in the areas of Nutrition and Gut Health. 

Through these sessions your practitioner will conduct a full health assessment on your child and create a tailored nutritional protocol to address their current difficulties from a physical perspective


Hold on... why are we talking about nutrition?

If you do a google search on 'gut and brain' you will find pages upon pages of books and literature talking about how our digestive system and our brain are intimately connected. 

Many parents are seeking help from practitioners who don't address this link when it comes to treating childhood related disorders and difficulties. 

The nutritional and digestive focus of our GROW program is a central piece. For more information about this please look over the video resources below or contact us directly to learn more.  


Nutrition Inclusions

The GROW program provides you with 10 psychology sessions. While this might sound like a lot - they're not all done at once!

The aim is that you work with your therapist more intensively for the first 3-4 weeks to learn and implement some key strategies. After this the subsequent sessions can be spaced out to monthly or less frequently as you discuss this with your psychologist.

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