Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Online CPD training programs for Provisional and Registered Psychologists   


The aim of this workshop is to assist provisional and early career psychologists to understand ethical awareness and the Ethical Decision Making Model in the profession.

Facilitator: Mrs Trish Purnell-Webb

Duration: 1 Hour Per week, over 8 weeks

CPD hours: 8

Cost: $300 

Commencement Date: Wednesdays 5pm (AEST) from February 2, 2022.


Compliant Case Noting

This course will teach you the essentials of case noting and record-keeping within the profession of psychology. Many provisional psychologists have not had the opportunity to learn the core elements of case noting. This short course will give you the knowledge and confidence to write ethically sound case notes. We will also cover how to navigate legal subpoenas as well how to improve your time-efficiency for case noting.

Facilitator: Dr Hailey Tremain

Duration: 2 x 2 hour sessions

CPD hours: 4

Cost: $120

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