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Psychological Report Writing; Supervision Group

Psychological Assessment and Report writing skills form an important aspect of working in the field of psychology. 

This supervision group is targeted at: 

1. Helping you understand the components of report writing

2. Learning to conduct assessments appropriately to formulate sound reports. 

3. Refining your capacity to effectively communication your observations and assessments.

Facilitator: Dr Graeme Senior


Week-by-week Agenda

This supervision group will cover the following agenda:

Week 1 Principles of evidence-based report writing: Evidence-based practice and clear communication

Week 2 Addressing the reason for referral

Week 3 Relevant background and chronological interviewing

Week 4 Behavioural observations

Week 5 Test Findings 1: Cognition

Week 6 Test Findings 2 Psychosocial

Week 7 Summary, recommendations, and integration of findings

Week 8 Evaluating and addressing effort and motivation 

Week 9 Evaluating and addressing premorbid estimates of functioning

Week 10  DSM5 diagnoses  

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