The Harvest Program

Liberating the Mind



The Harvest Program is an 8-week mental health training package delivered online. Gain the tools to live free from being dominated and pushed around by the old stories and difficult thoughts and emotions that persist in your mind.

Centered on the scientific approach of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), this program teaches each of the 6 core skills that have been shown to improve Psychological Flexibility and Mental Resilience.  


Anyone who recognizes the importance of investing in their mental health can benefit from this program.

It is especially helpful for individuals struggling with emotions such as anxiety, frustration, depression or chronic stress where, as a result, they may find themselves doing things they don't want to do - such as avoiding things, procrastinating, reacting impulsively, giving in to urges & addictions, or worrying. 


​* Enrollment in the 8-week 'Happiness Trap' online program ( ; retails at $295)

* 1 Initial Psychology assessment session

* 8 x 50-minute private Psychology coaching sessions conducted alongside the 'Happiness Trap Program' via Zoom, Skype, or other mediums.

Total Cost:

With Medicare Rebate: $70*

Without Medicare Rebate: $1200