Group Therapy

A thrill in Connection and Comfort

The Harvest Clinic offers Group therapy sessions facilitated by our Provisional Psychologist Mr John Jia who has a special interest in group therapy.

Group therapy can be attended either in addition to or in place of individual therapy and we welcome any person who would like to attend.   


Who is Group Therapy for?

People experiencing a wide range of issues including the following can benefit from group therapy:

· Relational difficulties
· Depression and anxiety
· Loss
· Trauma
· Adjustment to change and challenges
· Coping with illness
· Parenting support


What's Involved?

A group therapy session lasts about 90 minutes, and it is a collaborative effort to express and benefit from the therapeutic experience. 

To make this service accessible we are charging only $300 for the entire 10-week group or $40 per session if paid week to week. We offer a discounted price as we encourage all participants to engage for the entire duration to get the most out of this group. 

In the group we invite people to share as much as they are comfortable about  their current concerns, challenges, thoughts and feelings and encourage all members and receive each person's sharing with openness. All you need is a willingness and desire to attend. 

Research has found that group therapy is an excellent place for:

  • Finding hope

  • Relating the human condition

  • Information exchange

  • Helping other people

  • Corrective emotional experience

  • Social skills Development

  • Imitating useful behaviours

  • Interpersonal learning

  • Catharsis

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